PathoSans is ideal for use in:

  • Schools & universities
  • Athletic facilities & arenas
  • Restaurants & food service
  • Hotels & casinos
  • Long term care facilities
  • Correctional centers
  • Hospitals & medical centers
  • Cleaning/facility mgmt. companies

  PathoSans Highlights... from Green Cleaning Technologies       

-The 2 solutions can typically service 85% of all your cleaning & disinfecting needs

-Effective on virtually all surfaces, as well as against biofilm and odors

-Simple to use systems will generate both products as you need them

-Eliminate the need for delivery of chemicals to your facility and costly inventory

-PathoSans system pays for itself quickly; fast ROI

-Reduce your facility cleaning costs by up to 90%

-PathoClean is Green Seal Certified and PathoSans is EPA Registered

-Both products are Food Safe, Skin Safe and virtually Odor-Free

-Production cost per gallon is less than SEVEN cents per gallon for each product

-Equipment cost can be as low as SEVEN dollars a day (over a five year use period)

-Leasing plans available

   Call Us for more information and a demonstration - you will be Amazed!

On-Site Generation Technology...

Put the equipment at your facility to

produce a cleaner and a disinfectant

servicing 85% of your Green Cleaning Needs for only 7 cents a gallon