SafeScience Slimline

Ideal for home/small business up to 1000 sq.ft. to eliminate odors incl. smoke, pets, as well as VOC's, bacteria, virus & allergens.

safeScience MDu

FDA Approved for air disinfecting in medical facilities, the MDU will cover 3000 sq.ft. w/hydroxyls to purify your IAQ.

safescience boss xl3

With 3 tubes an optional fan, control air flow & keep IAQ healthy by ridding it of virus, bacteria, mold, odors & VOC's.

SafeScience air curtain

4000 sq.ft. of air purification;Great in areas like locker-rooms, natatoriums, gyms; Multiple units can be attached together. 

safescience idu

Plug in air purifying hydroxyls to your HVAC system for clean, healthy IAQ.

hydroxyl air purification systems