GCT's legacy line of DePositron sprayers have been used for years to quickly & effectively disinfect & deodorize any size home, office or other commercial facility area w/our SafeScience All-Purpose Disinfectant. They provide extreme time & labor savings w/a variety of selection to meet your exact needs. From handheld misters to electro-static sprayers, GCT's DePositron sprayers get the job done w/a speedy ROI.

With On-Site Generation, the future of safe & sustainable cleaning & disinfecting has arrived! By implementing the PathoSans system from GCT, your facility can produce a Green Seal Certified cleaner & an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant simultaneously, when you need it & as much as needed. Replace your current roster of products with 2, while eliminating both costly shipping prices & the worry of running out of product at the most inopportune time!   

Mimicking the way the sun disinfects the air, GCT's hydroxyl air systems provide a safe, effective & constant source of air purification & deodorization. Regardless of the size or type of your facility, GCT has a unit for your needs. From purpose built 1 room units through HVAC system plug-ins, there is a system for virtually any demand. With both quiet operation & low energy usage, you'll enjoy the results without having to hear them.

Green technology & Equipment