depositron fogger

A great handheld fogger for heavier home, office or light to medium commercial duty when used w/SafeScience disinfectant.

depositron 1l

For absolute time & labor savings, the 1L puts an electrostatic charge on our SafeScience disinfectant for max efficacy.

depositron mister

A small, handheld mister perfect for applying SafeScience disinfectant in homes or smaller office environments.

save time & labor expense$ w/ Depositron sprayers

depositron 3

A larger version of the 1L, the DePositron 3 ups the ante w/a 3 gallon tank & 50 foot hose for large facilities & tough jobs.

depositron cs3 cart sprayer

W/a 3 gallon tank, the CS3 is a great way to disinfect & deodorize virtually any facility

depositron sprayers