About Our Team:

We are a team with backgrounds in industries including nursing, science, athletics & fitness, the military, engineering and marketing. We share a common passion for improving the quality of life and performance through personal health and proper facility maintenance. It is with our team working together from these different backgrounds that we are able to provide unique & safe solutions to traditional and emerging problems.

About GCT:

Green Cleaning Technologies was created by founder Richard Kampas who is committed to the premise that thinking differently and creatively about challenges yields transformational results. 

Great accomplishments throughout history emerged from the efforts of those who were convinced they could change the world, even when nobody else believed them.  

By integrating traditional, all-natural and unique molecular technologies with solid physical and chemical basis, GCT has developed creative packages and protocols respective of personal health, facility longevity and sustainability for the environment.

Promoting all individual’s health, using the basis of his own personal and family health experiences, Kampas started his quest for cleaning, disinfecting and indoor air solutions to all be food safe, skin safe, eye safe, lung safe, odor-free and anti-allergen, while performing as good or better than “traditional” chemical products.

That goal has been achieved for everyone, first respective of the 20% of the population with physical and chemical challenges. That goal also starts with attention to the health and safety of the individuals who perform the maintenance and housekeeping duties, because without them, all schools, hospitals and homes would be dysfunctional and hazardous, leaving the rest of us in danger.

Green Cleaning Technologies' sustainability goals include products and systems that are bio-degradable, much lower in energy consumption (especially for healthy Indoor Air Quality systems), plus re-use, re-purposing and recycling of containers and reduction of the carbon footprint from transportation by use of concentrates and creative on-site production technology.

Saving health. Saving time. $aving budgets. Sustainability for the future. GCT.

GCT Values:

  • Be Perceptive & Forthright
  • Act Decisively & Respectfully  
  • Constantly Strive to Learn & Teach 
  • Collaborate & Communicate 
  • Lead by Example 
  • Think Outside the Box  
  • Humbly Serve our Clients & the Public

About GCT / SafeScienceTV