GCT clients see a Return on Investment from

 as little as 1 day to 12 to 18 months.

germ-free 24 xp

we've got that

Fitness-Athletics-Sports-Tactical, SafeScience keeps athletes, LE, Fire, EMS & military healthy using high efficacy, non-toxic products.

Development of the SafeScienceĀ® green cleaning portfolio began in 1997 in Boston and today with almost 20 years of experience, GCT has become leading providers for our custom Integrated Technology Systems ("ITS") to safely and cost effectively create, distribute and provide the best products and solutions for all Surfaces and Indoor Air cleaning and disinfecting. "ITS" improves the health of people and facilities!

Leave your home confidently everyday knowing your hands & skin are protected for 24 hours from bacteria, viruses & other invisible threats.

Generate your own solutions for cleaning & disinfecting w/out the hassle & expense of storing & shipping a large volume of liquid. Need it, make it, fast!

Regardless of the size & scope of your problem or need, GCT will help you find a solution that minimizes risk & maximizes your ROI quickly & safely.

we protect you

F.a.s.t. division

The SafeScienceĀ® Six... steps to protect people and the schools and facilities where you work (download)

1. Hands- Always start with the hands, with 24 Hour "XP", not alcohol...

2. Cleaning- The important step before disinfecting for all surfaces...

3. Disinfect and Deodorize Surfaces- Protocols and Products, plus "XP"

4. Air Disinfecting and Deodorizing- Hydroxyl technology beyond filters

5. Insect Protection-Eliminate bed bugs & other insects the nontoxic way

6. Time & Labor Saving Equipment... The best way to protect facilities